Polygon Theatre and Theatre School

empty space aint empty

message : we have nothing new. we don’t do anything differently. because we don’t have anything. because our theatre is immediate. re-cycling and re-use. here you won’t see rising walls and revolving stages. here you see an actor. because immediate theatre is rich of actor. you know this, a man walks across empty space whilst… polygon means a many-sided figure to an englishman and a practice field to others. polygamy is a multiple marriage : all this goes for us

Theatre Company Polygon is an independent production unit which functions as a meeting forum for international professional performing artists. It is established 8 of May 2008 in Tallinn. Polygon Theatre is presenting immediate theatre- by Brook. Polygon Theatre works on a widening field of arts. We present “immediate-theatre” movement, but at the same time Polygon Theatre is open-mindedly seeking for new forms and practices in the stage. The company is interested theatre as an art form from person to person not as from actor to audience. In its permanent performing projects, Polygon Theatre takes advantage of the wide contact networks of its members and aims at long and continuous collaboration with various artists and institutions. Performers and artists are all high-professionals and acts project-by-project basis. The compactness of the Polygon Theatre core team and the way of working directly gives all resources for artistic work. Light structure guarantees the group a greater freedom, flexibility and mobility. Since establishing at 2008, we have given over 500 performances to more than 11 000 people.

About latest estonian productions:  Fear walkers, To See Pink Elephants  and  Sulfur Magnolias  More about our productions find here: Frozen Images : The Future Is Passed : Oxygen : Arabic Night : Madman’s Blog Our full portfolio you can find here

Polygon Theatre School is independent theatreschool for different levels among 8-50 years, connected and established by Polygon Theatre. School running also a programm for adults over 30. Studing is co-ordinated by 6-years studing-programm. School has also practise-stage and Studio for more-experinced students over 19 and several theatre projects for youth. Polygon Theatreschool Theatre Polygon is operating also theatre class and public perfomance lessons in Tallinn Common High School etc.

About our self-development trainings for adults on field of performing skills (for presentations etc) or self-confidence in english or russian, please contact staap@polygon.ee. About trainer and his portfolio you can find here

Polygon Theatre is active member of International Platform of Performers Training

and Theatre and Performance Research Association          

keep life alive!