Piret Jaaks




Kadri Adamson, Meelis Rämmeld, Liisa Pulk
Director, Producer: Tamur Tohver
Set, visual, costume: Mae Kivilo, Tamur Tohver
Light design: Triin Hook, Tamur Tohver
Sound design: Tamur Tohver feat. Michael Nyman & Dust Brothers
Video visual: Merilyn Koik
Production: Marja Leisk, Polygon Theatre 2013, Tallinn, Estonia


you’re not your job/you’re not the car you drive/you’re not your iPhone 5/ you’re the all-singing,all-dancing crap of the world/love does not end/ lost and found hands on throat and hands around it, but it hurts the same way. to be a replacement mom or to live replaced life? Michael Nyman, voiceless scream, creepy loneless and blackberry eyes under the bed are coming to “Elephants” from “Piano”. Fight Club’s” Ikeas and Volvos becames Villeroy & Boch or even Hironymus Bosch and aim to do something real, toucheable- to change-

sa ainult räägidSimona is always listening to Michael Nyman in the nude and Levi shovelling his passive aggressiveness into their sterile modern apartment called The Pink Elephant. very precise picture of these intimate partners of the we-can-have-it-all generation who share the same dirty dishes, same haunting past and faint hopes to a more fulfilling future and a wholesome life. after a while it’s clear that no matter how many techniques are used, the baby just isn’t going to happen. this is when things get particularly messy, leaving us and them wondering, who has the upper hand in this psychological play and who gets to decide on the games we play in our messed up lives. and then the most important question: can you really trust your eyes on the motives of the characters and even on what is shown on the stage? modern stagelanguage in this every-f..ng-days fight-f…ng-club.

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